2020 Ranking for Best 5 Web Hosting Companies

The need to utilize the internet for various purposes and needs is purely overwhelming. This is why you need the services of a good web hosting company for your site. Below, we shall be looking at the top 5 ranked the best web hosting companies in 2020.

1. A2 Hosting

2020 Ranking for Best 5 Web Hosting Companies

Toping the list of the best-ranking web hosting companies in 2020 is A2 Hosting. It is the best out there with the feature which indicates that it has an anytime money-back guarantee; a feature that is not provided by other web hosting companies.

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Most importantly, the price is quite economical with starting plans of $5 per month, making it generally affordable. It also has an uptime of 99.95%, giving you access to quite exciting features. Some of these features include:

  •  250GB of storage,
  • 12 CPU cores, and
  • 32GB of RAM.

You can also host an unlimited number of sites, which happens to be an offer other providers cannot give you.

2. Cloudways

2020 Ranking for Best 5 Web Hosting Companies

Cloudways happens to be the second place, though it can be first depending on what you are looking for. It is a web hosting company that enables you to deploy your cloud servers comfortably from anywhere across 25 global settings, with the ability to choose either your region or city resting on your laps.

It clearly means therefore that you would not be so far away from your servers, which will help to give more speed to your site. The pricing for Cloudway is quite relative and flexible when compared to other companies. The prices chosen depends on the data center, and you either choose between a monthly or weekly pricing package. It all depends on what fits well for your site.

3. Kamatera

2020 Ranking for Best 5 Web Hosting Companies

Kamatera happens to be one of the hosting providers which allows you to have absolute oversight for your cloud hosting, either the issue bothers on who has root access to your servers or picking your IP allotment.

With Kamastera, you have the ability to either scale your resources up or down, that is, your server capacity can be either increased or decreased in a matter minutes, with features like RAM, CPU, storage space, even firewalls, can either be added or removed by your action.

4. Hostwind

2020 Ranking for Best 5 Web Hosting Companies

This web hosting company offers a very better-than-average measure of storage, bandwidth, and RAM on its cloud plans, in addition to a single click installation option for most applications.

The best price of a Hostwinds plan is the hourly evaluating breakdown. For instance, its most essential cloud hosting plan comes out to $0.006931/hour, while its most exceptional cloud plan costs $0.456931/hour. That adds up to $4.99 and $328.99/month, separately, and each Hostwind plan in the middle of is modest in contrast with contenders (despite the fact that you’ll set aside more cash with DreamHost). The best part is that this present supplier’s multi-day unconditional promise keeps going longer than most.

5. Inmotion

2020 Ranking for Best 5 Web Hosting Companies

InMotion is better known for its common and VPS hosting, however, that doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer here. Its fundamental selling point is its client support – offering day in and day out live visit and telephone support, help tickets, and a complete information community should you have any issues.

It scores well for highlights, as well. Free domains and backups, boundless email records and websites, unmetered CPU centers, and root get-to are only a portion of the highlights you can anticipate. The assistance on offer is likewise quite solid as far as we can tell, which consistently makes a difference. You can visit thecokerblog.com to see the best cloud hosting platforms in the world.


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