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Apple Mail Registration, iCloud Mail Account Registration can be done easily.  Email people with a world class email client. Send and receive email in a flash using apples own email service. This is one of the best email service providers in the planet with millions of users gearing for apple mail registration to won an account. This email client is only available for iOS devices only.

Commence icloud  mail registration to send and receive emails, access your photos, videos, documents, notes, contacts, and more. Use your Apple ID or create a new account to start using Apple services. We all know the itinerary of apple and all their great products, this mail service is not an exception. 

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Once Apple mail registration  is done its mail has the ability to configure the software to receive all of a user’s email accounts in the one list, ability to file emails into folders, ability to search for emails, and ability to automatically append signatures to outgoing emails. It also integrates with the Contacts list, Calendar, Maps and other apps.

applemail registration

It email service is highly customized like gmail, If you are yet to complete icloud mail registration and set your Apple ID this tutorial will go a long way to help you get all the things done. Without wasting much of your time lets dive into the meat of the matter and show you the procedures for apple mail registration.

Apple Mail Registration – icloud mail registration 

The steps to set up you apple mail is one of the easiest thing you can ever do on your iPhone, iPad or Mac-book. You can set up iCloud Mail on your Devices before you can access your Email Messages, Below are the steps you take.

Step 1. On your iOS Device, Go to Settings

Step 2. Select Your name and then iCloud

Step 3. Turn On Mail

To Set Up the iCloud Mail on your Mac, Simply Choose Apple Menu and Select System preferences > Select iCloud then Mail.

icloud mail registration

 iCloud Mail Account Login.

  1. Go to iCloud official age at
  2. On the Homepage, Enter your Apple ID in the Space Provided
  3. Click on the Arrow icon and follow on-screen promptings to access your iCloud Mailbox.

Common issues with Apple Mail

1. Not receiving email

Once in a while, your (sometimes referred to as “Apple Mail” or “Mac Mail”), stops receiving new mail. You may be able to verify that you are getting new mail via webmail, another email client or computer, or even via a mobile phone. If you ever experience this kind of problem this is how you can fix it.

Log in your inbox the, click the Mailbox menu (see Figure 1):

  1. Choose “take all accounts offline”, and wait 10 seconds.
  2. Choose “take all accounts online”.

Applemail error fix
Figure 1: Follow these steps to refresh your Mail application. Once this is done you should begin seeing your new mail flow into your inbox immediately..

2. Not Sending or Receiving email

This is another possible issue that may arise using apple mail, if this should ever arise fear not for it is easy to fix. Use the procedures below

  1. Close
  2. Go to /Users/your_profile/Library/Mail/IMAP-account_concerned/.
  3. Delete hidden folder .Offline Cache.
  4. Start again.

A new Offline Cache folder will get created and note that none of your messages will be deleted.

If you are not able to send mail first close completely. You can do this by either command-Q or click on Mail and selecting Quit. Then re-open the application by clicking on the stamp icon in your dock.

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Next, confirm that your email settings are configured correctly. For more information, please read this article: Email setup for Apple Mail. Once you’ve confirmed that your account settings are correct, let’s check your outgoing settings.


Q: What’s the best way to assure my emails in Mail are backed up?
A: Mac OS X comes with a feature called Time Machine which will maintain backups of your entire machine including emails in Mail when configured properly. However it is also good practice to perform manual backups, you can find detailed instructions about exporting a copy of your mailbox at

Q: Mail will repeatedly ask for my password, how do I stop it?
A: There are several issues that may cause this problem to arise. Most often, verifying your settings will resolve this issue. If this fails to resolve the issue, then you will need to reset the password for your email address within the (mt) Account Center, and provide Mail the new password.

Q: Mail states it can’t “Verify Certificate”. What does this mean?
A: This occurs because you are set to use a secure SSL connection, which is a very good thing. However, in order to use a SSL connection with the Grid you must set the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server to be your access domain. Otherwise, you can opt to continue or ignore the warning, although you may continue to receive this message in the future.

Q: Emails sent in Mail do not appear in my Sent Folder, why?
A: When using IMAP, as we recommend for the Grid, Mail requires you provide a specific folder to save sent messages. Follow these simple steps to configure this:

  1. Click and highlight the “Sent” folder for your account.
  2. Click the “Mailbox” menu
  3. Choose “Use This Mailbox For”
  4. Choose “Sent”

This will configure Mail to save new outgoing emails to the sent folder for your account. If you want your previously sent emails to appear they must be dragged from Mail’s local Sent folder to the Sent folder listed under your account.

Hope this article on Apple mail registration was helpful to you to set up your email at once. You have also seen the possible errors that can arise from using your mail. If you have questions, contributions or comments on icloud mail registration please use the comment section below to send it in and we will reply you at once.

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