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Business Plan Apps – Having a phone comes with so many pecs,most of which are social and fun. However having a phone is not always about pleasure. A whole lot of serious business goes on in our phones like using business plan apps and very serious minded people cease this opportunity to increase the value of their lives.

Smart phone can be used to enhance business, apart from calls, emails etc you can download some business apps.

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This article will tell you about the best business apps that can help your business growth.


Business Plan Apps

The Dropbox business app helps keeps you organized, collaborate more easily and keeps your files safe.with your Dropbox app you can

  • sync files to Dropbox; Dropbox works like any other folder on your computer. Drag and drop (or right-click) files to move them into your Dropbox. They’ll automatically sync, and you’ll be able to access the latest versions from anywhere.
  • Access your files anytime anywhere; you can access your files anytime using the desktop and mobile apps, or by visiting

download the dropbox app for Iphone and andriod.

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Business Plan Apps

This business plan app sorts and compiles invoices, You can set it to send messages to your debtors automatically. with your invoice2go app you can

  • select an invoice template.
  • Accept credit and debit card payments.
  • track invoices sent, opened and overdue.
  • check your business performance.
  • track your receipts and expenses.

Download the Invoice2go app here

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Smart contact manager

Business Plan Apps

You can manage all your contacts through a single source on this app, it allows you to add, edit, and delete contacts.

It gathers all your contacts – from social media, phone contacts, email accounts etc-, and allows you to directly contact them.

Download the Smart contact manager here

Digg technology

Business Plan Apps

The entrepreneur who wants to spend his time creatively, but at the  same time be informed of the developments in the sector, finds in Digg the best in news implementation. This software consists of cross platform tailored to all Smartphone devices, personalized information, and easy material sharing.

download the  Digg app here

Evernote business

Business Plan Apps

With Evernote Business, you can create and share notes and files in time, also find information on time. finally it integrates slack, outlook, onedrive, google.

download the evernote app here

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Make sure you run on track in your business, with these apps. smart phones can actually serve as a means of growth with these buisness apps.

Thank you for reading this article, we are glad to have helped. For more questions or feedbacks use the comment box below.

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