Top 5 Apps To Delete Audio from Video Recording

This article will teach you how to delete audio from video recordings.

The need of other devices has technically been replaced by smart phones. You can now use your phones to record professional videos and take high quality photographs.

Additionally, use your phones to edit this videos to a high taste.

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Most video recordings come with noise or sounds that you may not want. these apps will help you remove these noisy background sounds and teach you how to replace with better sounds if need be.

 How to Delete Audio from Video Recording

Delete Audio from Video Recording


InShot video editor for Android and iOS  allows you to delete audio with ease. All you have to do is

  1. Touch the timeline of the video that will open a mini box.
  2. Touch the volume icon and drag it to the left.
  3.  Touch the Music icon to add a new audio track. (The good thing is that InShot lets you choose from a wide variety of music clips.)
  4. Then tap the Download button and press Use.

DOWNLOAD –  InShot for Android and IOS here


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Timbre is a great editing app, you can completely erase audio/ noise from your video recording.

To delete the sound of a video.

  1. open the app and tap Disable.
  2. Now select the video and touch the red icon on the right.

One of the advantages of this app is that it saves the extracted audio i another file in case there is need to re-apply the sound.


Mute video

As the names implies the app is built technically to erase audios, to do this you just have to

  1. Open the app
  2. Select the video
  3. Tap mute video

if you are looking for fast and easy editing then i recommend that you use this app.

DOWNLOAD – Mute video for Android and IOS


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Iphone users can use this app on there phone for intuitive and exellent video editing,

open iMovie and tap the Mute icon. That’s all! You can also add new music tracks to the video via the option in the lower right corner.

Tap Done to complete the export.

note; it takes a very long period of time to extract.

DOWNLOAD – iMovie app on your iphone

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This app also allows you to completely remove audios sounds from your video recordings

  1. Once the Quik video is open,
  2. tap the Edit icon at the top that will open the Edit window.
  3. touch the Mix icon until you see the text Off.
  4. To add a secondary audio track, go back and touch the Music icon in the center.
  5. tap the Music thumbnails at the bottom.

Quik is a simple app with a clean and simple interface. The first time, users will not find problems in browsing and using features.

DOWNLOAD  – Quik on Android and IOS.


Delete Audio from Video Recording – i hope this article was of great assistance to you, for questions and feedbacks please use the comment box.


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