Create an XtraMaths Account –

Create an XtraMaths Account- From info on its site XtraMaths is a nonprofit organization dedicated to math achievement for all.

It is a math fluency program that helps students master addition, subtraction multiplication and division, it helps in knowing the building blocks of a child’s math education

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XtraMaths can be used by teachers and students at home or by parents and children at home. Teachers and Parents can receive progress report as mails and can also access it online

You can also download the XtraMaths app on any online store and enjoy your learning experience once you have learnt how to create an XtraMath Account.

How Create an XtraMaths Account

  • Follow this link XtraMaths sign up
  • create a parent or teachers account by
  • filling up your name email and password

how do i create an xtramaths account ?

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How to sign in as a student.

  1. click on this link
  2. on the right click sign in
  3. on the page that will appear click sign in as a student
  4. fill the required spaces and sign in

How to sign in as a Teacher or Parent.

  1. Visit this link
  2. click  on sign in
  3. on the page that will appear click sign in as a parent or teacher
  4. fill the required spaces and sign in

is xtramath free

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You can also set up an XtraMaths virtual classroom once you sign in

 Follow this link to Download the XtraMath app

XtraMaths has very great advantage and has received a lot of positive reviews by parents, teachers and students. it is ranked 8.1/10 on Educators corner

We are using a web based program called XtraMaths to increase speed and accuracy in arithmetic, my child is invited to spend a few minutes each day practicing math on the computer _ jane (mom)

However XtraMath is that it isn’t as fun and catchy as some other math sites that have bright imagery and  interactive features.

i hope this article – Create an XtraMaths Account, helped you on all you needed to know, please use the comment box for your questions and feedbacks.



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