How Facebook Money Transfer International with Messenger works

Facebook has entered the fin tech industry seeking to establish itself as one of the leading fin-tech company. It is worthy to note that it already has the user base the only thing it has to do is to leverage on it. Their competitive advantage is high.

I other to Use Facebook Messenger to send and receive money, am sorry to say, but This feature isn’t available to everyone right now. So if you can following this process which is going to be showing you below, then just know that you are really among those who can’t use the feature.


So for the fact that you want to know How Facebook Money Transfer International with Messenger works, I still want you to understand that other people out there are also looking for How do I decline money someone sent me in a message, How do I pay or decline requests for money I’ve received in messages, etc… this is one reason why this Facebook Payment platform is just very amazing.

Procedures To Send and Receive Money With Facebook Messenger App.

Open the messenger app after downloading the app to your device or the one you’ve already downloaded before now.

Proceed to log in your account details and start a conversation with the person which you want to send money to.

Click on the reply box and locate the $ symbol (Sometimes it might also be a bank Icon) right on your keyboard.

Set up the required details needed and type in the amount you want to send and click on the pay or send button.

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You are just very good to go at this point because this is the steps on how you can send or make a payment on Facebook. Please note that you can always use your comment box below in asking any of your questions or dropping your opinions about this tutorial in the comments box below.

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