How To Remove Already Sent Facebook Messages On Messenger

This tutorial will guide you to remove already sent Facebook messenger messages.  Hope by now you already know you can remove Facebook messages on messenger. The procedure to do this is easy and the purpose of this article is to guide you on it.

You can permanently remove a message that you’ve sent for everyone in the chat, or just for yourself. If you select Remove for You, other people in the chat will still see the messages in their chat screen. But you have to note that this does not stop the other party from seeing the message you deleted.

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This feature can only remove a message for everyone in the chat up to 10 minutes after sending a message. Whether the person you sent the message to, Saw it or not. You can Still remove it for everyone.

How To Remove Already Sent Facebook Messages On Messenger

  • Open Messenger from your home screen
  • Open the Conversation you want to remove a Message from
  • Tap and hold the message you want to remove
  • Tap on the Dustbin icon
  • Tap “Remove for Everyone” or “Remove for You”.
  • Tap Remove.

Your Messages Will be Deleted for you or for everyone depending on the Link you followed. It is as simple as that.

Do you know that you can also Block Messages from someone on Facebook? When you use this feature, you will stop receiving message from that particular friend.

You can choose to Block Someone anytime using your Personal Computer (PC) or your Android. Check out our article on How To Block Facebook Messages From Someone.

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You are good to go at this point, with the above you will always easily remove any messages you do not want to see again on messenger. Hope the tutorial was helpful to you? If you have question please use the comments section below to let us know

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