How To TURN ON Chat Heads on Facebook Messenger – Heads Chat FB

This is an amazing facebook messenger feature that you can benefit from. It appears that most Facebook user has not still known the importance of this Chat Head on Facebook while some other that know a bit about do say chat heads not working 2020.

Chat heads make chatting more addictive, fun and interesting also Chat heads on Facebook allow you to read messages without them being marked as read. The best thing about this platform is that you can easily turn it on and off depending on your taste.

As a Facebook user, you should also know that there are so many benefits and features accompanying the Facebook chat head and one of this features is that is just an easy way to easily chat with friends and family members easily.

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Remember that this currently trending Chat head on Facebook is only for those who have an account. First thing first before we proceed to see How To Turn ON Chat Heads on Facebook Messenger, You must make sure you have an account but if in case you don’t then you can then use the below guide in creating yours now.

Steps To Turn ON Chat Heads on Facebook Messenger

Turning on Heads Chat on Facebook Messenger is just as easy as doing some other easy things on your Account. But before this can be easy for you, you must bear mind that you need to have the Facebook messenger app on your device first. Once the Facebook messenger app on your device, simply launch the app and add you Facebook account.

So to Turn ON Chat Heads on Facebook Messenger now that you have your App, Just add your Facebook account by entering the login ID you fill out during your Facebook Account Sign Up

Then On the Facebook messenger app, tap your picture and you will be taken to your profile.

From your profile, scroll down and tap on the switch close to the icon chat heads.

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