Office Dress code for Men – Dress Guide.

Office Dress code for Men

Office Dress Code for Men – Dress Guide – this article will answer the question of what men should wear to work ?

Most workplaces have an office dress code.Some are professional attire. Others are more casual.Regardless, not dressing properly will affect your professional presence.

dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and the remember you

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Office Dress code for Men

  1.  A suit and tee-shirt with sneakers to match, it is actually a tone down to your usual suit, shirt and tie combo.
  2. khaki sport coat and chinos with brogues shoes to match,  a soft-shouldered khaki sport coat. A gray polo underneath, and  a pair of slim,chinos. will do the magic.
  3. A Chambray Shirt With dark khaki chinos and a pair of loafers, you can’t go wrong.

  4. A suit and shirt, with a pair of brown oxfords. And then a tie.
  5. turtle neck and a pair of slim trousers and shoe to match.
  6. A short sleeve shirt and a pair of trouser with a pair of matching sneakers
  7. A polo and a pair of jean trousers with  a pair Chelsea shoes
  8. A shirt with a pair of raw demin trouser and a pair of oxford shoes
  9. cardigan and a pair of khaki trouser and a timberland shoe
  10. cashmere sweaters with pair of plain trousers and a sneakers to match

Office Dress code for Men

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Times have changed, and with them the guidelines for dressing for work have too. And in today’s volatile, talent-rich job market where one wrong move can send you to the bottom of the applicant pool, the stakes for making an impeccable impression on a job are higher than ever before.

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Use these tips to plan out your outfit so that you go to work in your best person. Looking great leads to feeling great, which then leads to putting your best foot forward.

dressing is a form of good manners dress how you want to be addressed

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I am happy you now have the full idea of what the Office Dress code for Men should look like. please use the comment box for questions and feed backs










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