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Namecheap Email Login – Namecheap Private web-mail service is one of the best among all the hosting companies. The company is an ICANN-accredited registrar, which provide services on domain name registration, private webmail associated with the domain as well as various hosting services.

Namecheap Private email is cloud based open-source collaboration software that meets all necessary email, calendar and contacts, tasks management and document storage needs for your website or business.

Private Email is a great choice for companies who wants optimal performance for their organisation. With a custom tailored email username you can compose and send new emails, view inbox and organize your current data in your dashboard.

Namecheap email login is easy and you can also arrange your emails into folders to suite each context, archive old messages older than 90 days, use different options for your emails such as: Reply, Forward, Delete, Mark read/unread, Move, Copy, Print, View source and many more.

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There are many more features of using namecheap private webmail. It has a calendar feature to help you keep up with your business schedules and appointments. You can also schedule meetings with your company and specify who can attend. When you use this email service you have the feature of storing but internal and external contact of your organisation. There is also a drive to store files, notes, information and many more.

Namecheap Email Login Procedures

1. Login namecheap account

Go to Domain List menu on your left and look for the domain you have Private Email subscription for.

2. Click on the caret to expand the list of the associated services (make sure All Products is selected in the top right corner) and click on Log into Webmail:

3. Or you can expand the associated products menu and click on Log into Webmail next to the Private Email subscription:

namecheap email login

4. You will be taken to Private Email login page. Here you need to enter full email address as your username and the password for your email account. You are done.

Features of Namecheap Private Email Service

Email portal. This features serves as an orderly notification center, it shows scheduled appointments, mailbox quota, new messages and favorite news from your social networks, meetings, task and many more. You can customize it for easy accessibility by adding its widget to the portal page. This is done by clicking at the widget button at the upper right corner of the page.

Spreadsheets. You will use this to edit MS Excel files, upload excel document, edit it, save and share without losing the format and properties. It has an array of over 300 formula’s, for problem solving. It will allow you to share the documents with members of your organization.

Text Editor. OX Text is a web-based collaborative word processing solution. It has almost same features of ms word It gives you a capability to create or upload text documents, edit the file and share the documents with internal members of your team.

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Hope this article on namecheap email login was helpful. Comments, questions, corrections and additional information relating to this tutorial will be highly appreciated.

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