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Retrieve Facebook Account online – Facebook is everybody’s favorite app, safe to call it our other home because all our friends and family are in there and we can connect with them, share pictures, music, videos and virtually every memory.

facebook even saves this moments and remind us when we made this moments, when we first met, that first date , first day in school etc. you see why you need to retrieve your facebook account

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facebook online login Link for Andriod

  1. go to the playstore on your phone
  2. download the facebook app
  3. install the app
  4. open the app by tapping on it
  5. input your phone number or email address
  6. provide your password
  7. then tap login

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facebook login sign in online login Link on Apple iOS

  1. visit the Apple store
  2. download and install the facebook app
  3. fill in your phone number or email
  4. provide your password
  5. then proceed to login online login on your computer

  1. open your browser
  2. open this link in a new tab
  3. provide the required information
  4. then login

if you follow the  instructions you should be able to log in successfully, if not then maybe your login details are not correct.Then you need to Retrieve Facebook Account online


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facebook sign in

Forgot Login Details ?

if you don’t remember any of your login details then follow this instruction

  1. click on this link
  2. enter your email address or phone number to search for your account.
  3. A code will be sent to you
  4. type in this code and continue with further instructions

how to sign up

To register for facebook click on this link

then –

  1. Input your first name
  2. Input your surname
  3. Enter your mobile number or email address
  4. Enter your desired password
  5. Input your birthday
  6. Choose your gender
  7. Sign up

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