Rocket Mortgage Payment Services – payment methods

Rocket Mortgage Payment Services – Rocket Mortgage is an online online division of Quicken Loans, offering mortgages online and via an app. It is one of the largest financial institutions in the USA offering millions of people financial solutions

This article is written to inform you of all Rockets mortgage payment services. Rocket mortgage offers a varying range of payment methods to enable you to select the most convenient and comfortable payment options.

How To Make Rocket Mortgage Payment

  • On the Website
  • With Rocket Mortgage App or
  • On the Phone

Rocket Mortgage – Website payment

To get started follow the guide below:

  1. First you need to login to your Rocket Mortgage account.
  2. Once  logged into your account set up a direct debit from your bank to Rocket Mortgage.

Note: That this method is more advisable than setting up an automatic bill pay directly with your bank because your mortgage payment might change over time.

Also:   Setting up your payment directly with Rocket Mortgage can ensure that you don’t overpay or underpay your mortgage at any time.

Rocket Mortgage Payment Services

Rocket Mortgage App payment.

  1. To get started you have to first of all download Rocket Mortgage App.
  2. Download iOS and an Android app version of Rocket mortgage
  3. Then make payments by logging into the Rocket Mortgage app with your username and password.

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Rocket Mortgage Phone call payments.

One of the easiest way to make your payment is through phone call.

  1.  Call Rocket Mortgage at 800-646-2133,
  2. you’ll be connected to the company’s interactive voice system.
  3. Make an automated phone payment with your loan number, bank account number and bank routing number.

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If you have any trouble,or need  further help. contact them at or call (800) 671-1544. to speak to a representative. Now that you know all the Rocket mortgage payment services you can now  successfully make payments. If you have any questions or feedbacks  use of comment box below.

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