Save your Relationship – Top Habits you need to quit

Bad habits are very dangerous in our relationships. To improve the quality of your life and save your relationship you need to quit some habits. You should also make it a point of duty to refrain from acts that can cause strains in your relationship. You  should not loose your relationship just because of carelessness and complacency.

The chains of bad habits feel light until the are too strong to be broken

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Top Five Habits You Need to Quit to Save your Relationship.

  • Not listening.
  • Holding Grudges.
  • Ungratefulness.
  • Jumping to Conclusions.
  • Familiarity.

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steps to save my relationship

Not Listening

The habit of interrupting one another when having a discussion is a bad habit, your partner may not react immediately but overtime it makes them angry and uncomfortable. you are always talking instead of listening to what your partner needs to say.

Holding Grudges

Stop paying back your partner for their wrong deeds, you have a choice to either forgive or nor forgive and when you have chosen to forgive. please forgive and forget. you don’t need to reciprocate your partners wrong by doing some thing wrong. Two wrongs can never make things right.


Make it a duty to show appreciation to your partner for any act of kindness no matter how little or small it may seem. sometimes it is those little “thank you” and “i love you” that really matters.

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Jumping to Conclusions

Making speculations ruins relationships. If you have something you need to know about your partner then ask. Communication is very important in a relationship. You are not a mind reader so if you want to know what your partner is thinking of doing, ask instead of jumping  into illogical conclusions.


Once you start taking each other un-serious or for jokes then you start growing apart. This doesn’t mean that you should become official or unfriendly with each other. Just be able to draw a line between friendliness and complacency.

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This article is put together to make you have a healthy and enjoyable relationship. it doesn’t just end in reading so many articles. you really need to take steps to make sure you and your partner practice them, i assure you that doing all this will help you save your relationship.

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