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Samsung Galaxy S9 or the S9+ are one of the best built smart phones, and of very highly noticeable qualities. However there has been a lot of report by users concerning the connectivity of the phone. now this is a solution to your Samsung s9 GPS issues.

All phones connectivity like Bluetooth, Wifi, Gps are related. So if you experience issues in one of them, the same solution can be used to remedy the situation.

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Solutions to your s9 GPS issues.

Make Sure Your SIM Card is Properly Placed and is Not Damaged

  1. Use the SIM ejector tool of your Samsung Galaxy S9 to eject sim tray.
  2. Remove the SIM out of the tray and check if it has any signs of damage.
  3. You can also try use another SIM  to check if GPS works fine. If it does, then your sim is damaged.

Update Your Phone and Apps to the Latest Software Version

Developers  use software updates to fix  bugs  and making sure you enjoy your product. it is important that you install them all immediately, as soon as they are out. You should also check if all your goggle location apps are also up to date.


  1. Tap to open Settings
  2. Go to About Phone
  3. Download Updates Manually and let your phone check for new updates
  4. Install the updates if any
  5. Now, visit the Google Play Store and Open Google Maps as well as other apps you might use
  6. If it shows an Update button, make sure to install them and check your GPS one more time to see if it works fine

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Factory Reset Your Phone

Resetting your phone. restart and check if GPS works fine. Factory reset is the most used solutions to Samsung Galaxy S9.

  1. Make sure you back up all your important data.
  2. Choose Backup and Restore option to back up your data
  3. Open Settings
  4. Head to General Management and Open Factory Data Reset
  5. Tap on reset to continue and your phone will be wiped clean
  6. If it requires your password, fingerprint or pattern, provide it

 what are the solutions to my Samsung s9 Issues

Toggle Your GPS Off and Switch it Back On

You should probably try restarting your connectivity, sometimes it is the best solution to your s9 GPS issues.

  1. Go to the Settings page
  2. Scroll to find the option named GPS or Location
  3. Switch it off and give it a couple of minutes and switch it back on
  4. Alternatively, you can simply swipe down to get the notification bar on your Galaxy S9 device to toggle GPS off and then bring it back on

Increase the Accuracy of your GPS System

Before you move on to more in-depth developer mode solutions or doing a hard reset for your phone, start with the basics. Increasing the accuracy of your GPS system is the first and foremost thing anyone should try, as it could solve your problem quickly.

  1. Head to the Settings page on your Galaxy device
  2. Scroll to find the option; Location
  3. Tap to open the Location menu
  4. Find High Accuracy Mode and turn it on so that it could start receiving better signals.

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Toggle Airplane Mode On and Switch it Off Again

Once you have followed and completed the steps, switch on your location sharing feature and check if it works. You will probably use it mostly on apps like Google Maps, WhatsApp, Uber or other services which requires location detection. The problem can also pertain to a particular app for which the steps are provided below for you to solve.

  1. Swipe down the notification bar
  2. Locate the Airplane Mode icon
  3. Tap to switch it on and all your connectivity will immediately be turned off
  4. Let it off for a couple of minutes
  5. Tap on Airplane mode button again and switch all connectivity back on.


Clear GPS Cache on Apps that Use Location Sharing

Clear the cache on all apps if you like to and restart your smartphone to be on the safer side. Wait for everything to load fresh. When the process is ongoing, it’s better to be on a Wi-Fi network or a stable 4G connection as your Galaxy S9 Plus phone might have to download files again, in order to work efficiently. Check if GPS works properly now.

  1. Open the Settings page on your Galaxy S9 smartphone
  2. Tap to open the option that says App or App Manager
  3. Scroll to find apps like Google Maps and WhatsApp that use the GPS location tracking system
  4. Once you find them, tap to open it inside which you will find an option named Clear Cache
  5. Activate the feature so that all saved location and additional files are deleted.

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Remove Case

Your third-party case that could have been causing the problem all along. It’s time to stop using it and buy a new one. You could even use the phone without a case at all, as the Galaxy S9 is one of the robust models and could easily withstand a small drop or a water splash.

A combination of two or more of the processes mentioned above should be the solution to you Samsung s9 GPS issues. Read carefully and perform according to steps. However if the issue still persists then you should visit an authorized service center to get it fixed or replaced.

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