Tips to Extend Your Personal Computer Battery Life-Span

The battery of you personal computer can last longer if managed well. One of the reasons why some laptops drain quicly is because the owner adopted habits that ruined the battery. This is just like car’s if you use a car roughly then the car will start developing faults is you use it will care it will always look like brand new.

The average laptop battery life is a minimum of 3 hours on full charge anything less than that comes from a poor battery. There are battery’s out there that last 6 to 7 hours on full charge how come your own last’s only 30 minutes, 1 hour on full charge when previously it used to stay 3 hours.

The tips below will guide on how best to treat your personal computer that affects the battery life. This tips are effective in increasing the power time of your battery so that you dont change your laptop battery every 6 months because the battery life has decreased.

1. Adjust Power Settings

Changing battery setting is the first step to extend battery life. If your computer operates on full capacity then the work load affects the battery. Many operating systems come with setting that help you optimize the battery life of your computer. Microsoft windows 10 comes with great power settings.

Type ‘power options’ into the Start Search box and choose ‘Power saver’ from the list. Windows 10 also has more methods for saving battery life. These include settings for powering off the monitor and kicking into sleep mode more quickly.

2. Battery Care

Do not completely drain your battery before recharging it again. Lithium-Ion batteries don’t need a complete discharge (contrary to popular belief) but also you should use a battery once you’ve charged it. If you are in the habit of letting your battery die before charging then you are slowly wearing out the battery cells.

It is advice-able that if you are always using you PC that you get an extra battery to support the main. This will support the main battery and cushion the work load on it.

Another battery care tips to note when your battery is overheating is to turn your PC off. Your battery can start overheating when you are using some features in your computer that consume higher energy.  The CPU or graphics processor is working hard or the environment is overly hot, then shut the device down and pop the battery out if possible. Give it a break so that it can cool down.

3. Download Battery Health Software

When you download a battery health software it gives you in a glance the health status of your laptop. If any thing is going wrong it also makes recommendations for you to adopt.It can be tough to know at a glance just how your battery is doing. Devices like Mac come with native Battery maintenance settings and alerts that provide at least some information.

4. Always Dim your screen if Possible

The screen is one of the most power-hungry parts of the laptop. It takes serious amounts of battery power to keep your display looking clear and bright. Saving this power is simply a question of turning the brightness down. This will go  long way to extend your battery performance.

5. Always Switch off Wi-Fi if not in Use

One of the biggest battery drainer is the wireless networking capabilities built into most laptops. Wi-Fi drains the battery by constantly drawing power from the battery and, when not connected, looking for networks. Save your battery of this grat ordeal by always switching it off.

6. Protect your PC Against Power Surge

This can stress up your PC and can even result in damage of the power supply or other components. Laptops or generally other devices are sensitive to power fluctuations. So When charging them, try to plug into a properly working surge protector. This secures the battery cells from power hack’s .

General Tips to extend Safeguard your PC

  • Do not mount anything on top of your Laptop, it is not you Shelf; things Like Books, Putting another PC {Laptop} on top of it etc.
  • Do not Put more than One laptop in a Bag especially when the Bag is Small or tight.
  • Do not Plug your PC Over-Night; But if you may do, then you must Remember to Remove it when you feel the battery is full
  • Do not Exchange or give out your PC Charger. If yours is not good or no longer Compatible, then endeavor  to Replace it with a new one.
  • Do not bring anything Liquid e.g water close to your Laptop; Even if you can dry it, it should be totally avoided.
  • Save you Laptop from Dust, at least once in a while clean it. Dust clogs fans, vents, and heat sinks, preventing your PC from cooling down.
  • Scan For Viruses and malware’s: Viruses and malware’s can breakdown or destroy the life of your PC is not properly taken care of. They tends to slow down the system and make it work abnormal and even bring about lost of Data, So the safety measure you have to carry out here is to Scan and remove these viruses and malware.

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